Re: Modifying circlemud

From: Alex (
Date: 06/19/95

Well, if you haven't started modifying it yet, I'd suggest waiting a few 
days until patch level 9 comes out (=
Otherwise, Jeremy releases 'patch' files that show what changes were made 
to the stock code he releases, so you could always just grab those and
incorporate the changes into your code.  Of course, I don't think he adds
the lib changes to those, just the source changes, so if you wanted the
new lib files, then you'd have to get the whole release as well.  And in
the next patch level that comes out, there are a few new area additions
as well as evne more new messages for combat (=

>  Also, I KNOW that coding.doc is incomplete, I was just wondering if
> there is anywhere else where special procedures for mobs are described?
Nope.  Read them and try to figure out what they do that way. (=

--  Alex
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