Modifying circlemud

Date: 06/19/95

I attempted to send this message before and it didn't seem to work,
so if this is the second posting of this, please ignore...
I am playing around with the current patch release of circlemud
and I was wondering how new patch releases handle changes that I 
might make to the code? In other words, I want to make many changes,
from changing the number of mortal levels to adding new classes and
spells to creating new action bitvectors for mobs or objects to 
adding new flags for characters to rewriting the whole login sequence.
Will these changes be lost or screwed up when the patch level 9 and 
the final version are released? (or when I apply them, that is). I 
guess I could just work on building until the final version comes out,
but I really want to start changing other stuff, and a lot of the
building will depend on the new flags that I add.
 Also, I KNOW that coding.doc is incomplete, I was just wondering if
there is anywhere else where special procedures for mobs are described?
Thanks for your help.

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