multiple objects and the 'R' command

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/19/95

This is mail I keep meaning to write but keep forgetting about.

Some people noticed that as of the last patchlevel, certain objects were
repeatedly loading on the floor - i.e., where there was supposed to be
only one copy of an object, like a stone on the floor, many would be there

This was due to me removing code in db.c which suppresses the loading of an
object into a room if another copy of the object is already in that room.

If you want to have at most one copy of an object in a room, precede the
load ('O') command in the zone file with a remove ('R') command for the
same object number.  This way, if an object is already in a room, it will
be destroyed before reloading the new object, preventing two copies from
existing.  On the other hand, if you want to allow multiple objects in the
room, you can do that too - by not using an 'R' command.

I agree that having an object destroyed and then recreated is not particularly
elegant but I think it'll have to do, unless you can think of a better soln.


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