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From: Phil Priston (
Date: 06/19/95

Trice@lol2 <> Typed:>>

_>     Also, on this subject, you don't need to sacrafice the long
_>     descriptions, just adjust your code to allow for them.  My
_>     preliminary idea, lacking any real code (maybe pseudo), is to
_>     not just show `a', or `an', but:
_>     A red coat is lying here.
_>     Three red coats are lying here.
_>     etc.

I have given this some thought but you are gonna need to use some 
very impressive gramma controlling code, just look at the example you 
A is turned into Three:
	This is the easy part...
Coat becomes Coats:
	Ok this COULD be done...
is lying here becomes are lying here...
	All of a sudden tbis gets a little complicated...
	We are in the relms of an  english language parser like those used 
in gramma checkers here.... you wanna write one for circle? *grin*
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