Re: slip?

From: Steve (
Date: 06/19/95

On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Mattias Larsson wrote:
> Maybe I'm just stupid, but I transferred a 2MB log of a MUD session, with 
> my 28.8k modem. I reached an average speed of 60k (because of the v42bis
> compression). A MUD supposedly transfer mostly text, so my MUD session 
> log should be accurate enough. Also, a MUD player hardly uses more than 
> 2k bandwidth in average (It's probably less). A 28.8k CSLIP link should 
> be able to handle about 30 players. Another thing to consider is that a 
> modem can send data in both directions at the same time. I have run a MUD 
> with over 20 players at the same time on my CSLIP link, without the players 
> even noticing. Some things to think about though, keep the MTU low for 
> decent interactive access, and use CSLIP, to keep the header size to a 
> minimum. Of course it doesnt hurt with a "real" link, but I say it's very 
> much possible to run a MUD on a 28.8k slip link (if you have v42bis 
> enabled), without causing any serious lag to the players.
I may not be using a 28.8k, (only 14.4k CSLIP) but it is horrendously 
laggy for 1 player, non-locally, let alone when 2 or 3 people come in to 
test it it is NASTY. I will be buying a 28.8k modem soon to 1. try out 
how much nicer 2x the bandwith is but i doubt it would still be very 

> About CPU power, I've been running a MUD on a 486SX/33 with 20MB for 
> quiet some time now. The computer is running Linux+X, and average 
> non-MUD users is 5. I have had no problems with computer lag 
> whatsoever. Okay, it doesnt load in 2 seconds, it takes more like 15 
> seconds, but the mud runs just fine. 
If thats 20MB of ram then yes of course it will run nicely, but if you've 
got like 4 megs of ram and 16megs of swap file then your gonna be laggin 
whenever your players type <look>...

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