Re: slip?

From: Kilkenny (
Date: 06/20/95

On Mon, 19 Jun 1995, Steve wrote:
> I may not be using a 28.8k, (only 14.4k CSLIP) but it is horrendously 
> laggy for 1 player, non-locally, let alone when 2 or 3 people come in to 
> test it it is NASTY. I will be buying a 28.8k modem soon to 1. try out 
> how much nicer 2x the bandwith is but i doubt it would still be very 
> comfortable...

Hmm.. I've been using a 14.4k modem CSLIP, and testing circle.  I had up 
to 5 people non-locally, And none of the said anything about lag.

> If thats 20MB of ram then yes of course it will run nicely, but if you've 
> got like 4 megs of ram and 16megs of swap file then your gonna be laggin 
> whenever your players type <look>...

I'm on a 486SX with 4Mb ram and 5 Mb swap.. And I had no problems as long 
as I don't run anything else big in the background or on a different session.

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