oops... let's try that obj-removal thing again

From: Jeremy Elson (jelson@blaze.cs.jhu.edu)
Date: 06/20/95

Okay, I guess I was dumb before, but as someone pointed out, it would be
nice to keep the commands work in the standard way so as to not break
existing zone files.

Also, it was suggested by Tim Maddux that it might be nice to have a
mobile-loading command that works the way the old object-loading command
does; i.e, max one per room with the same vnum, to prevent all the mobs
in an area from accumulating in one room.

So, here's what I propose as the zone commands:

L - Read a mobile, max one per room.
M - Read a mobile, unlimited number per room. (same as orig. diku)

O - Read an object, max one per room. (same as orig. diku)
P - Read an object, unlimited number per room.

Plus to add symmetry to the 'R' command:

Q - Remove a mobile from room, if existing
R - Remove an object from ground, if existing

Any suggestions or comments?

I'll wait to hear comments this time before proposing a Standard, to
prevent poor Alex from having to redo the zone files too many times. :)

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