Re: oops... let's try that obj-removal thing again

From: Alex (
Date: 06/20/95

> So, here's what I propose as the zone commands:
> L - Read a mobile, max one per room.
> M - Read a mobile, unlimited number per room. (same as orig. diku)
> O - Read an object, max one per room. (same as orig. diku)
> P - Read an object, unlimited number per room.
Damn you!  *grin*

> Plus to add symmetry to the 'R' command:
> Q - Remove a mobile from room, if existing
> R - Remove an object from ground, if existing
Make the format of these:
Q <if flag> <mobile> <room>
R <if flag> <object> <room>

Makes it easier for consistency with the obj and mob cmds.

> I'll wait to hear comments this time before proposing a Standard, to
> prevent poor Alex from having to redo the zone files too many times. :)
hell with it.. make this the standard.  That way I don't have to change
*too* much *grin*  Anyways, at least I made it so that fountains seem
to refill each tick now (=

--  Alex
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