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From: Michael Becvar (
Date: 06/20/95

>On Tue, 20 Jun 1995, Richard Stewart wrote:
>> Hi, I was working on a way to make Circle mud accept abbreviations for 
>> just about anything (eg instead of kill peacekeeper.. it's kill pea .. 
>> same for object and NPC/PC).. Well I wondered if anyone else has done 
>> this yet.. The way I am using at the moment is by adding :
>>    if (is_abbrev(curstr,curname))           <- thats all!
>>         return (1);
>You should check the WHOLE character list, cause if you have a mob named 
>wallybangbang and another named wallybang, and the former is first in the 
>list, you can never specify wallybang...
I don't know about that problem with abbreviations, but normally you could
do a kill 2.wallybang

Personally I would love having a simpler naming scheme.  I remeber coming
across some mobiles with some very hard to spell names, esp quickly, ie. when
casting spells.  One possible solution would be to include a 3/4 letter name
in the mobile file, it could be just the first three/ four letters.

Cityguards already have guard, well you could add city...

If this is too hard, then is it possible to give players a command to see
the other names that the mobiles have in the name list.  Most have simple
names, just not from the description.

Just some ideas.


Mike Becvar

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