Re: oops... let's try that obj-removal thing again

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/20/95

> > P - Read an object ...
> Isn't that the 'put object in object command' ?
> I don't have my docs handy so I can't be certain of this.

Argh, you're right... goes to show you how often I actually do world
building <grin>.  But, hey, that's what Alex is for. :)

Okay - taking into account the changes suggested so far:

L - Read a mobile, max one per room.
M - Read a mobile, unlimited number per room. (same as orig. diku)
N - Read an object, unlimited number per room.
O - Read an object, max one per room. (same as orig. diku)
P - Put object in object (same as orig. diku)
Q - Remove a mobile from room, if existing
R - Remove an object from ground, if existing

(for reference: G: give obj to mob, E: equip mob, D: set door state)

building.doc will be updated appropriately unless I am still being an
idiot and have again failed to see some obvious reason why the above
scheme wouldn't work.



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