Re: I think I found a bug...

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 06/20/95

>     Well, I was wiz-invis, living my eternal life as o Ggod, so o 
> level 8 caracter simply started to talk to me using tell...As he was
> affected by DET_INVIS,  I unaffected him and asked him to try again...
> He did it! Continue talking with me without any problem...
>     This happened just once, but I swear I was not dreaming. Any 
> ideas for this bug?

If you use 'tell' to tell him, he can use 'reply' to reply to you,
even if you're invisible.  That's actually the entire purpose behind
the reply command.  To him it would look like:

Someone tells you, 'I'm invisible'

> reply i can see you, haha!
You tell someone, 'I can see you, haha!'

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