Re: oops... let's try that obj-removal thing again

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 06/20/95

>>>>> "Jeremy" == Jeremy Elson <> writes:

 Jeremy> L - Read a mobile, max one per room.
 Jeremy> M - Read a mobile, unlimited number per room. (same as orig. diku)

 Jeremy> O - Read an object, max one per room. (same as orig. diku)
 Jeremy> P - Read an object, unlimited number per room.

 Jeremy> Plus to add symmetry to the 'R' command:

 Jeremy> Q - Remove a mobile from room, if existing
 Jeremy> R - Remove an object from ground, if existing

I'd prefer testing how many of the given item/mob are in a room

I 0 <item> <number tested> <room>  changes last_cmd to 1 if number of items
                                     equals <number tested>, 0 otherwise
N 0 <item> <number tested> <room>  just the other way round

I and N like "If" and if Not"
Similar with mobs

This way you can load up to (or even remove down to) a certain number.

Just a thought

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