Re: smart/untankable mobbies

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 06/22/95

Michael Becvar wrote:
> I have recognized this problem, the method that exp is distributed when a
> moblie is killed could be changed to reflect the level of the players, that
> way a higher level player will get a majority of the exp.

uh, yeah, of course ;)

> I currently don't have a home mud, but one idea that I was working on was 
> to have some smarter mobiles.  Maybe give them a spec proc that durring a
> fight they randomly switch the player they are attacking.  This could be also
> added as a skill, where  the player could refocus the mobile they are
> attacking that way if a new mobile shows up they could  kill it first.

um, we have this 'built-in'; all mobs attack whoever seems closer. we dont 
have rounds or tanks. mobs hit you if they feel like it, and by the same 
token, you can hit them if you like. this means you can fight 10 dudes at 
once. if yer real skilled in 'redirection' yer blows will land a larger 
percentage of dudes. if yer less skilled, or yer using 'direct', yer 
attacks may never waiver from a single target. it's easy to pimp, and 
offers plenty of logic-fixes too: there aint such thing as a tank. you 
can fight more than one target at once. in practice this means alot more 
than you might think. anyway, humanoid mobs tend to attempt to slay the 
weaker members of the group first, some group together and pair off 
against single opponents. shrug, there's alot you can do with this idea.

> Another possibility I was considering was giving the mobiles the ability
> to recite recall on the leader, or Tank, that way it would be left with some
> easier to kill clerics and mages.

shrug. fine, if yer into that 'tank' thang... heh

> These are only in the idea stage, so I don't have the code for either.  I 
> appologize if these have already been suggested.
> G. Willy
> Mike Becvar


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