Re: item duping

From: Paul Cole (
Date: 06/22/95

I don't do circle but this does apply anyway.

The technique of saving players to prevent duplication or other
difficulties does work but there's a slightly different way to do it
rather than saving EVERYONE at the same time whether thats based on a
timer or the save command. 

The theory here is that there are only a few ways to move items to and
from players.. right?  Get, drop, give, steal, and load are the most
common. However, all of these functions rely upon a standard function to
do the real work.  At the lowest level these functions are probably called
obj_from_char(...) and obj_to_char(...). 

So, with this knowledge, add in a save to both of those functions AFTER
the obj had been added/removed from the inventory list and whammo, you've
just implemented a fool proof item duplication system that in most cases,
uses less cpu cycles than saving all the players every time and more fool
proof than the timer based save routine <though possibly more cpu cycles>. 


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