Re: item duping

From: Giao H Phan (
Date: 06/22/95

Chris Herringshaw wrote:
> 1) Remove the save command from the game.  Simple enough.  If the
> server quietly saves the players every 1 - 2 minutes, that
> should be good enough.  Sure, if a player gets an artifact and
> the game crashes before having saved it, s/he loses out.  But in the
> greater scheme of things, that's better than having 15 copies of an 
> artifact floating around.

definitely. this command is so abused, it's not worth having. i can 
remember using a client to intentionally corrupt my pfile so i could 
reimb my char with better eq and stats. granted, i'm a pretty fucked up 
dude, but it's very possible. (#1000 save)    of course, you need a way 
to crash the mud, wich brings me to my next point: eliminate all crash 
bugs and you wont have this problem to begin with. there are other ways 
to dupe eq without crashin the mud, and they've bin dealt with in rgmd. 
win yer codin this out, the important thing is to trace the path of eq 
throughout the mud. find every instance of eq transfer, and make a note 
of it. flag it, save it, etc. even as a player, i can remember 
discovering a couple complicated duping procedures for DIKU gamma... when 
we talk about eq transfer, we mean a bug that is dependent on a crashy 
mud. these two go hand in hand.

> 2) Unique item numbers.  

interesting! anyone else come up with some original techniques like this?

our technique is to eliminate crash bugs. we haven't crashed in months, 
but we have to reboot periodically to refresh areas. our developement 
server promises to fix this problem - it unloads areas from memory when 
not in use. (kudos to khan for inspiration)
the ID concept is definitely worth consideration... ;)

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