Re: Long item-list fix

From: jaco v Iterson (
Date: 06/23/95

> I haven't been paying much attention to the discussion, but
> our solution was quite similar to what the 3.0 shopkeepers
> do, simply appending a number onto the beginning or end
> that denotes how many of the given item are present.
> It's not often a problem anyways since we have lots of mobs
> that 'clean up' the mud for us :)
> - tim
> (Tim Maddux,

The problem was that some people (me for example) don't like to see
something like:
A waybread is lying here [3]
(first reaction, what's that [3] doing there?, second reaction, quit 0)

My advice is:
If you don't like
A waybread is lying here
A waybread is lying here
A waybread is lying here
A waybread is lying here
Change it to:
There are 4 waybreads lying here (or something simular)
instead of
A waybread is lying here [4]

In addition you can prevent big numbers of the same object being
in the same room.

Maybe it's a little more difficult to do it my way (It realy isn't that hard)
but it surely is a lot nicer.

I just think that translating the world-structure to text should
be done entierly by the mud and not partly by the players.


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