Re: Long item-list fix

From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 06/24/95

Interesting, Anthony :)

Here goes a suggestion, though.  Turn the "int mound" from a number 
between 1-10, and 0 for off to just TRUE or FALSE.  Then, take the number 
of items passed, and 1-10 are the same, and >10 can use #10, too.

Another suggestion, have a '%' just append an 's' to the word it's 
prefixed on.  That way, we can shorten the amount of time needed to 
enpluralize a string (and also save a tiny, tiny, tiny bit (literally) of 
hard drive space) by instead of typing things like:

# dead @cat@cats@ @is@are lying here, rotting away...

We can type something as short as:

# dead %cat @is@are@ lying here, rotting away...

Which is much quicker, and, possably, get as anal as making another 
character to convert singuluar fill-words (ie., "is"->"are") by using a 
structure with, "<word>, <plural form>".  This could make the code 
overall more flexible.  But, change "#", if I'm not mistaken, you can't 
start a sentence with it.   

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