Re: Late reply on equipping new players

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Date: 06/24/95

> I just have some suggestions (good or bad?):
> The original person called the do_newbie (equips newbie characters)
> function from nanny. Why not call it or incorporate it into the do_start 
> function in class.c. Seems the perfect place for it.

I posted something like that a long time ago and it was nothing more
than something I wrote in a mail message so not much thought went
into it.  It was more to give the idea of what to do than anything else.
Hell, a couple of lines of basic code can't be much more than
that anyeways.

> I also set up a double array to equip the new player depending on the 
> class they choose. A thief gets a dagger, a warrior a sword, etc. But i 
> guess if you give them all crap to start with anyway, it is not going to 
> make a difference :)

Actually, the way I did it in a real implementation was randomize who
gets what when they start, just for variety sake I suppose.
Example... thief gets dagger..can be one of many daggers...
A long silvery dagger.
A slender steel dagger.
A dull dagger.
A basic dagger.
A small jeweled dagger.
etc etc..

All daggers should be of same value, damage etc or else you people
makiing zillions of newbies trying to get a certain weapon or
piece of equipment.

I did it this way because I get totally sick of seeing everyone having
the same equip all the time.  On most muds you see all newbies with
the same stuff, all mids with the same stuff, etc etc. I guess
I idealy would like to see a person's setup be a little different
than everyone elses.

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