Re: Long item-list fix

From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 06/23/95

   Very invintive.  If I may be so bold to combine some of the previous 
suggestions into this:

	"A * @longsword lies here."

   have 'enpluralize', or whatever interpret the '*' by taking the first 
parameter passed to it (the number), and replacing it with a grouping 
name..  eg., enpluralize(30, "A * @longsword lies here."); would cause 
the asterisk to be replaced with something like, 'a massive pile of', as 
for the '@' in front of longsword, have it check 'number_passed' > 1 and 
either append an "s" or leave it alone.  That will make the change easier 
and not seem so unrealistic as the MUD counting the number of objects and 
showing the player EXACTLY how many are there.  Maybe even extend upon 
this and call enpluralize or something from 'look' to show:

	'There is a massive pile of the longswords.'

in addition to the extra descr.  Also, keep the old format you first 
suggested for more flexibility, in case you WANT something to be counted 
out and shown exactly how many of them there are.

   Or, better yet, have 'number_passed' < 10 ? show '<number> longswords 
are lying here, collecting dust' : 'A <grouping name> of longswords lie 
here'.  Quite possible, quite thrilling, and dreadfully close to a 
sollution without a grammar checker, and without having the mud eliminate 
long descriptions or force them into a certain format... ;)

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