Re: Late reply on equipping new players

From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 06/23/95

On Fri, 23 Jun 1995, Pete wrote:

> The original person called the do_newbie (equips newbie characters)
> function from nanny. Why not call it or incorporate it into the do_start 
> function in class.c. Seems the perfect place for it.

Well, it _would_ be a good place, but since Jeremy got lazy <wink>, 
do_start is called from 'advance <player> 1', so that'd give characters 
the starting eq, allowing them to sell it to make more money.  There is 
two solutions, depending on how bored you are or which ever you find 
easiest.  The first is quite simply do: 'command_interpreter(ch, "remove 
all", 0, 0)' and 'command_interpreter(ch, "junk all", 0, 0);' then 
removing the 'junk all' restriction.  That's quite lame, and gives 
messages, so you can do this the same way, but actually use 'while' to 
check if the char still has equipment, then extract_obj it.  The second 
method isn't too difficult either, simply move most of the existing 
do_start code to another procedure, have do_start equip the newbies, and 
call the new do_start, and have 'advance' use do_start.

> I also set up a double array to equip the new player depending on the 
> class they choose. A thief gets a dagger, a warrior a sword, etc. But i 
> guess if you give them all crap to start with anyway, it is not going to 
> make a difference :)

Actually, it does make a difference.  I gave my newbies my eq I made 
specifically for them.  It wasn't dazzling, but it helped keep the newbie 
population up, even if they didn't have much use for the sorry eq, and it 
didn't help them that much, it did keep a few players who 'need the 
newbie eq' there.  I also gave the eq so-so prices so they could sell 
like two newbie eq to get one better eq...

It's generally not the eq that the players like, it's the idea that the 
imps are trying to make the game easier to start off playing, and that 
they want players to have as much fun as possible. <wink>

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