Re: Long item-list fix

From: The Mighty Spaz Twit (
Date: 06/23/95

On Fri, 23 Jun 1995, Alastair Neil wrote:

> >The problem was that some people (me for example) don't like to see
> >something like:
> >A waybread is lying here [3]
> >(first reaction, what's that [3] doing there?, second reaction, quit 0)
> >
> >My advice is:
> >If you don't like
> >A waybread is lying here
> >A waybread is lying here
> >A waybread is lying here
> >A waybread is lying here
> >Change it to:
> >There are 4 waybreads lying here (or something simular)
> >instead of
> >A waybread is lying here [4]
> >
> >In addition you can prevent big numbers of the same object being
> >in the same room.
> >
> >Maybe it's a little more difficult to do it my way (It realy isn't that hard)
> >but it surely is a lot nicer.
> >
> >I just think that translating the world-structure to text should
> >be done entierly by the mud and not partly by the players.
> >
> I agree that "(N*) a longsword lies here." is lame, but solutions such as having
> built in plural decriptions are only partial solutions.  They work acceptably
> for only small numbers of objects.  The problem is similar to the problem of
> generating descriptions for piles of gold.  When I imped different coin types
> I had to rewrite the gold pile generator to make smarter guesses at what an
> acceptable description would be e.g.:
> A copper coin.
> A pile of copper coins.
> A silver coin.
> A small pile of copper and silver coins.
> A gold coin.
> A pile of gold and silver and some copper coins.
> A pile of gold an silver coins.
> A large pile of gold coins....
> etc.

This is a very good idea, i have only ever seen it once before... not on 
an internet mud, but on a BBS mud in my city.

> To handle items correctly  a casual glance at a room should make a distiction
> between piles that are numerable and innumerable.
> i.e.
> There are 97 longswords here in a pile.
> is dumb, better:
> There is a large pile of longswords here.
easy. use the same idea as gold piles

> and hopefully you would have enough imagination to include different collective
> nouns:
> A darkness of flies buzzes around.
> A storm of crows perches here staring balefully.
> A crash of rhinoceroses mills about here.

easy. just have a separate col.noun. in each mob/item

> You would also have to check the collective noun for looks:
> >look storm
> There seems to be more than twenty crows fluttering about.
> >look darkness
> There is an unimaginable number of flies buzzing about.

i dunno, this could be an interesting task...

> Ideally if you should have several different types of items in piles i.e.
> You see a large pile of weapons.

i dunno if you'd WANT this...
hmm, maybe 'A pile of x, y, and z are here'  ??? 

> instead of:
> (4*) A longsword lies here.
> (3*) A flail lies here rusting.
> Someone has dropped a splendid halberd here.
> (2*) A sharp looking dagger lies here.
> Just my tuppence worth.
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