obj_list_sort(struct obj_data *list)

From: James (roper@pa.mother.com)
Date: 06/27/95

I could find a obj_sort proc in shop.c on version 2.2 so I took a look
at circle 3.00bpl8 and found something like what I wanted. The proc was 
called sort_keeper_objs. Howevery, this proc called other 3.0 procs, and 
I was unsure how SHOP_SORT worked, so I could not figure out how this 
sort_keeper_objs worked. I have not had muchxperience working with link 
lists, and I can not beleive I'm having a problem with just a sort. I 
want to create a proc that will take in a obj_list, and sort it. Like 
mentioned in my last message, the old obj3 = obj1; obj1 = obj2; obj2 = 
obj3, does not work. I think because it does not deal with links. Is 
there another example besides this sort_keeper_objs?

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