Limited Objects

From: John Mountcastle (
Date: 06/30/95

	I'm attempting to limit the number of special objects in the game 
to one each, so everyone doesn't own that Sword of Insta-Death to all +20
SO far I've set-up an array that contains the vnums of the objects that 
should be limited.

	BUT, I'm kinda stuck, and looking for ideas/input.  I was 
thinking of adding another dimension to the array with a 0 or 1 after 
each vnum whether it's owned or not.  Then in db.c - I think it should go 
in parse_object, though I'm having a bit of a problem:

	In parse_obj we have the vnum, and I can check to see if it's on 
the list, BUT parse_obj seems to be all the obj_protos, what I need is to 
be able to read the rent files (I forgot which function that is at the 
moment), then when objects are loaded onto mobs, into rooms, or into 
other objs, it would check to see if that obj is in the array and if so, 
if italready exists, outside or inside the game...

	Anyone have any suggestions of functions to look into for this, 
or how I should structure the list of limited vnums?  One of my fellow 
gods suggested that we make a file in lib/etc that holds the vnum of the 
object and the name of the owner of the object.


	- Sean

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