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From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 06/30/95

On Fri, 30 Jun 1995, Leeman Strout wrote:

> Well.. new idea thought I'd like to toss around a bit. ---
> I would like to set my mud up so that if you quit it drops all your stuff 
> just like normal  *grin*  ...

turn off free_rent in config.c

> Then I'd like to set up a command called "camp"  so that in selected 
> areas (ie: !ROAD, !INDOORS, !CITY, so on) the player could try and set up 
> camp... (this could also be a skill that improves)  So that there is an 
> option for free rent of sorts... *but* depending on how good you are at 
> camping... you just *might* wake up with less than you went to sleep 
> with... ie: a bandit stopped by and took yer stuff.  Also a neat use for 
> the chaotic flag (if you still have it) and if you're an evil bast like 
> me... camping in a chaotic area gives a small chance to get killed in 
> your sleep.

[chuckle] I could write 'camp' quickly and easily, but I'll leave you to 
figure out hwo to make someone killable after they've left...

> And then my next idea... change over from the current rent system, to a 
> more D&D inn type system... where, no matter what it's gonna cost ya a 
> little to get a room.. but then (and not *listing* how much each item is 
> ghonna run you) the inn-keeper gives you a cost per day based on how 
> valuable your stuff is... Sorta like the inn-keeper charging you more for 
> being a bigger risk of attracting thieves and bandiuts, and since he's 
> providing you with security he gets to charge more (still beter than 
> camping  *grin*)

isn't that how the _current_ rent system is?  The receptionist (a SHE, 
mind you) doesn't charge a flat rate, she values your items, stores them, 
and then charges a small security fee.

> Of course.. all these incorporate saving the room in which you 
> camp/rent/quit so to make it more realistic.

Save ch->in_room, and instead of putting them at temple, put them at 

> Leeman 

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