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Date: 07/03/95

Anthony Spataro <> Typed:>>

_> Use the standard 'kill mob' to shoot, but make the success of the shot 
_> depend heavily on the player's attributes.  And remember--most bullets 
_> never hit their targets; those that do are devastatingly effective.

also remember  that most metal based armour will deflect a bullet, 
perhaps sometime bouncing it off in a completly different direction, 
if you are standing close range perhaps with some bad luck the bullet
could bounce straight back at the firer!
personally I would have a shoot skill and keep guns as special 
objects, not unlike wands and staffs! make them powerful and RARE!
What I did was to create two new player stats to go with the standard 
five, Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skill.
Weapon skill determined the player technological ability to 'learn' 
how to use weapons and ballistic skill helped determine the players 
ability to aim a gun.
Hope this gives you a few ideas,
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