From: The Mighty Spaz Twit (
Date: 07/03/95

Well, I want to make some GUNS in circle. I have played 1 or 2 muds that 
had guns, and i found that they had a very interesting mix of 
fantasy/scifi. My point is this. I have some ideas, but i am not sure if 
anyone else here knows of a better way...
OBJECT: type 6 (fire_weapon)
special values:
0: number of 20-sided hit dice for a shot
1: current quantity of ammo
2: maximum ammo loadable 
3: ammo tag (only ammo with same tag can be loaded)

for value (2), the highest bit could be used as a check for a 
'burst-mode' gun (like an uzi)

OBJECT: type 7 (missile)
special values:
0: damage added 
1: amount of ammo (eg, for clips)
2: ammo tag

in one of the fighing loops:
if ammo_in_gun >= 1 then
  if not_tank then
    attack with Xd20 and 'shoot'
    decrease ammo
  attack at 1d8 with 'pistol-whip' 

hmm... i am not entirely sure on the best way to go about this. should i 
have a 'shoot' skill, or should it just be the standard 'kill mob'?

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