sundhaven area

From: Michael J Cunningham (
Date: 07/03/95

I have been working on masking this sundhaven area workable for a 
circle 2.2 mud (the copy from jhu) and I cant seem to iron out all 
the bugs.. It seems that the marbles special is crashing the mud, and
I am getting a ton of bad vnum errors in the log files..
Has anyone out there sucessfully got this area running on a 2.2 circle?
Or even a 3.0 without any errors? If You have and you are feeling 
generous, could you send me a copy? I have just about given up on this 
zone...and I am almost out of hair:( Thanks.. Just email the area please..
(included or attached is fine)

Humble thanks...Mike

   /     \
   \_____/  RAYOLA @ ESU.EDU  ( Michael J. Cunningham )
            ENUFF SAID..... 

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