set loadroom :(

From: Stefan Rensing (
Date: 07/04/95

Hi all,

as was mentioned in a recent mail I tried to use set loadroom.
I'm running 3.0bpl8. I tried set file <player> loadroom <room> on
that leads NOT to PLR LOADRM being set. Which is obvious after I
had a look in do_set. If I set file <player> loadroom <room> it says
<player> will enter at room <room>, as it should. If I set file <player>
loadroom on PLR LOADRM is set, like it should. Bingo. However, the player
does NOT enter at that room. Even worse, all my PH's and there contents
being set with hcontrol are DELETED !!! That's really not funny. Before
I search in the code by myself, perhaps someone has a hint ? Encountered
the same problem before ? 
(I guess the thing that the player does not enter the loadroom must be
a missing part of code, where the mort_start_room is set as default, but
as to the hcontrol thing I have no idea :( )

Regards, Stefan.

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