Re: set loadroom :(

From: Joey Buttafuco (
Date: 07/04/95

On Tue, 4 Jul 1995, Stefan Rensing wrote:

> Hi all,
> as was mentioned in a recent mail I tried to use set loadroom.
> I'm running 3.0bpl8. I tried set file <player> loadroom <room> on
> that leads NOT to PLR LOADRM being set. Which is obvious after I
> had a look in do_set. If I set file <player> loadroom <room> it says
> <player> will enter at room <room>, as it should. If I set file <player>
> loadroom on PLR LOADRM is set, like it should. Bingo. However, the player
> does NOT enter at that room. Even worse, all my PH's and there contents
> being set with hcontrol are DELETED !!! That's really not funny. Before
> I search in the code by myself, perhaps someone has a hint ? Encountered
> the same problem before ? 
> (I guess the thing that the player does not enter the loadroom must be
> a missing part of code, where the mort_start_room is set as default, but
> as to the hcontrol thing I have no idea :( )
> Regards, Stefan.
	I've been having this problem too.  Here's what I discovered...
If you do a grep -n -i save_char *.c, you'll notice that sometimes it 
saves the char with ch->in_room as the room, other times as NOWHERE, 
which means they'll load in the temple...

So you can either change all of them to save_char(ch, ch->in_room); (or 
what needs to go there) or do something like

   save_char(ch, ch->in_room);
   save_char(ch, NOWHERE);

Good Luck

Peter A. DeNitto - 2447

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