From: Praxis Mud (dizzy@baby.indstate.edu)
Date: 07/08/95

	We know Jeremy said not to use the patch levels for much more than 
bug testing but with summer rolling along, if we didn't get started 
adding and changing our mud, we'd never get to it. Has anyone started 
working with the spells? We tried adding classes and races and got 
satisfactory results, but when we looked into changing spells we were 
totally lost. Has anyone had any luck with this?
	Also although we will *crossed fingers* get OLC with the release 
of version 3, has anyone ever used Muditor? If so I was wondering if they 
knew how I could get a copy of the registered version which has the mob 
and object editors. Either this or another nice user friendly world 
editing program would be of use.
Gary Baggs

	Praxis Mud
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