Sortof a bug

From: Christopher J. Dickey (
Date: 07/12/95

Here's a little something that needs correcting.  If a player is logged 
in, (circle bpl8) and another player logs in, enters the first player's 
name, and then just hits return for the password, both get knocked off.  
It is because close_socket gets called to close the second player, but in 
close_socket there is a check to prevent eq duping which makes sure there 
are no other instances of that player.  Since there is, both players are 
knocked off.  While this may seem relatively harmless, imagine some idiot 
doing that repeatedly (tintin or something) to an imm/god/imp or some 
player they didn't like.  There needs to be a call to close the socket at 
the password, but one which does not check for other instances.  Have 
fun, though this is one that does need to be fixed before the final 
release of circle (=  Oh, please ignore this if someone has already 
reported this one.


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