Multiclass leads to possible clones

From: Brett Helgeson (
Date: 07/14/95

	The biggest thing that multi-class does is make carbon copies 
of the player characters. This is damn near _always_ true with the 
War/Mage/Cle/Thi muds. Everyone can cast cure light and kick. Now throw 
in say 50 more spells (about doubling your total) and only give chars 
with a high int _and_ wis the ability to learn higher level spells, then 
you get some kind of devision (smart ones learn magic, and dumb ones 
fight - kinda works this way sometimes =)
	Becareful of adding lots of damaging spells - they can overpower 
low and mid level mages to the extreme. 

	Also try to think of lots of skills that really don't do anything 
- track doesn't do much (really), and things like first aid/bandage won't 
hurt all that much is 3 out of 4 chars know it...
	A multi class that is set up with X amount of total levels, and 
the char can decide which 'classes' to study tend to do better than 4 
classes, level 50 in each....

	Just my 2 cents - I'll send the docs soon as an attachment with a
quick blurb saying what each one is.. if you can't read attachments, well 
we'll think of something.

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