Hometowns and stuff:

From: Brett Helgeson (varagol@netcom.com)
Date: 07/14/95

	I was going through some code (since I wiped 5 years of work 
tonight, and the back ups are shot to hell to - such is life...) And 
when I saw the hometown code I got to wondering - how much is in it, and 
will it work if I declare some variables? The same goes for languages - 
are they near done or are they just defined? 

	I am also asking for one little bit of advice: I could never get 
permanent death to work right on my mud - I would always get permanent 
death, but when someone died (any pc) the mud would go down as well. 
Anyone got some sure fire 100% workable code for trade/swap/gift?
	Also - where can I find Djgpp or whatever its called - I think 
cdrom.com has it but I couldn't get in. I need it to run under dos (I 
know it sucks, but its all I got).

	No more babble from me for a while. If you have anyquestions from the
three .doc's I sent int, I'll try to help as much as I can. Ciao amigos...

Through the darkness comes the howl, the echo of the fellbeasts of
the Warp.  Alone I stand, knowing full well that death awaits me. 
My sole comfort shall be in knowing that I will not fall alone, and
without sacrifice of something I truly believe in. 
		Warlord Dain Ironson, during the fall of Elras Tror
I am Varagol@Netcom.Com		    "Just call me Crank"

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