Re: A couple fixes.

From: Daniel [Trice] Koepke (
Date: 07/18/95

On Mon, 17 Jul 1995, Ron Poulton wrote:

> HEH, wow.  I'll definitely have to take a closer look at your message 
> over the next couple days.  You have some good ideas; I could change 
> sparse, normal and complete to "none, VT100 and ANSI".  Depending on how 
> different the colors and functions really are.  The colors could change 
> into terminal emulations; would make for a more colorful and 
> screen-intensive game, too.

	Just two problems with that.  C_CMP, C_NRM, C_SPR are used 
throughout for sending colour.  if 'sparse' = "dumb terminal," then you'd 
have to up all the colour calls to C_CMP that used C_SPR.  Then if 
'normal' = "vt100," you'd have to change all calls to C_NRM that aren't 
the normal/bold/flash/inverse/clear codes to use C_NRM, and possably 
check the colour level every so often as to have VT100 use INVERSE or 
FLASHING in some cases where you'd not want ANSI (because vt100 is gross 
with just bold and normal - kind of gross anyway, but :)).

	I suppose, a macro like the below will aid:

#define VT100(ch, str)	(COLOUR_LEV(ch) == C_NRM ? str : "")

	That would only send [str] if the players colour level == c_nrm, 
not c_cmp or c_spr.

> I like the idea of 'food pieces'.  I'll have to mope around the 
> structures a bit more and figure that out.  My main concern is getting 
> the QUIT command trapped.  I almost had it running this morning, but 
> found that, after the change I made, QUIT would chop the link, so the player 
> would still exist, but logging back in as that character would quit that 
> character, return to the BBS, and shut the game down.  I don't think that 
> was quite what I had intended.. <grin>.

	I have *no* idea whatsoever as to what the command structure of 
Circle is, so I'm going to guess:

{ "bye",	do_quit,    POS_DEAD,      0,  		0 },
{ "logout",	do_quit,    POS_DEAD,	   0,		0 },
{ "quit",	do_quit,    POS_DEAD,      0,		0 },

	This doesn't do anything neat in the way to trap 'quit', which is 
impossible, IMO, since MBBS doesn't even send quit to the game (unless 
you of course, change 'quit' to something else in MBBS).  This simply 
creates a bye, logout, and quit command.  Those telneting in from sites 
that don't use MBBS or those that don't use QUIT as a command for 
breaking link in telnet/ftp/etc can use the "quit" command, so they don't 
have to figure out the command to leave provided you want out-of-site 
players.  Now then, for the rest of crew, "bye" and "logout" exist for 
the same reason.  Also, remove the "qui" command from the command table, 
that way, "qui" will work as an abbreviation for "quit".

> Since rent is not being used in this game (I'm considering having it a 
> part of the game in the future), I might want to trap any severed links 
> and force a quit on the player.  I'll have to figure this one out.

	The problem with that is that some people loose link for other 
reasons than that, and intend to resume where they left off.  Unless you 
implement code to save the room of the player and return them to that 
room, they'll go back to the Temple of Midgaard (or whatever you have).  
This really sucks for people that are questing and lose link, or whatnot.

dak@krimson ( 1234)

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