Re: A couple fixes.

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/18/95

> > Yup.  If a MBBS user telnets in, QUIT will hang their character until 
> > they return, and BYE and LOGOFF quit as they should.  QUIT quits normally 
> > if a user telnets in from out of MBBS, too.  I just want to add a command 
> > to hang the current session, and program in something to keep the hung 
> > user invincible until they return.  After, say, 5 minutes, they'll be 
> > disconnected.
> > 
> > Any ideas out there? :>
> 	Replace the code that moves a player to limbo after they've been 
> linkless for so-many minutes or whatever, with some code to extract the 
> character completely from the MUD..  And then in act.informative.c where 
> it shows the rooms, skip any players that don't have a link.  Seems like 
> the best way to work with it, IMHO.

Okay, the last part I can do.  I've been looking for the routine to 
extract a player from the MUD, though.  I had originally thought 
close_socket did it, but I suspect now it just closes a link.  How do I 
free a player from the MUD?

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