Re: A couple fixes.

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/18/95

> extract_char  =)
> (cept it leaves stuff behind, look around at that code tho  =)

Don't know why this was private.  This is pretty damned useful 
information ;>.

The MUD doesn't leave any equipment behind by default when a user quits 
outside of renting; however, I'll take a gander at this routine.  I'm 
looking at expanding the color selection at the moment.. since the STAT 
routine has been expanded for all users to see information on their own 
stats, I'd like to color it up a little.  I'm afraid of adding too much 
ANSI and slowing down the game, though.  Need to find that balance ;>.

Thanks for the info.  Y'know, I might look into setting up a 'saved room' 
option for users, so that they can re-enter where they left off.  Will 
have to thot this out.

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