Re: A couple fixes.

Date: 07/18/95

If typing QUIT is causing MajorBBS' (?) Telnet to exit instead of logging
out of the mud, then that sounds like something you'll have to change
with the MBBS telnet program, not CircleMUD.  Apparently its intercepting
all commands before passing them to the mud.. you could try adding a 
command mode like unix telnet has, i.e., user presses ^] to get to the
telnet> prompt and enter commands, otherwise everything goes to the 
host.  Although the 'logout' command should do the trick.  Also, you have
to consider if you really want linkless players to be invisible to all
but level 34 (LVL_IMPL I assume). This can lead to abuse and semi-cheating
by players, dropping link at the first sign of danger (this is especially
relevant on a PK mud).  My policy is, if you drop link, yer screwed.
You'll flee if you're hit when linkless, but that's it. (I think 3.0bpl8
has it set so that linkless players who are attacked get teleported to
a safe void until they reconnect. I don't like that, personally.) But,
if you decide to set linkless invisible to all but LVL_IMPL, I'd put it 
in the CAN_SEE macro somewhere. Hope this helps.

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