Re: A couple fixes.

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/18/95

Well, I'm aware that the possible causes of a link loss are NetSplit 
(heh), a carrier loss of a player who's dialed in, and a program 
interfering with the MUD's operations.  

I've added in the LOGOFF and BYE commands to compensate for MBBS.. if the 
people can't read the forums, too bad for them; they'll continue to use 
QUIT all they want, and it doesn't hurt anything.  I think that's as far 
as I'll go until the ops here know enough to change the QUIT command.  I 
was thinking, as I wrote before, about including a 'link disconnect' 
command, but I agree with you now that it would lead to cheating.  The 
new commands should suffice.

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