Re: Charisma again :)

From: Burkhard Knopf (
Date: 07/18/95

>>>>> "David" == David E Berthiaume <> writes:

 David> ok I took chan's idea and cut and paste but it only worked if
 David> the mob was aggressive so I changed it to this:

 David> /* cut begin */

 David>     /* Aggressive Mobs */
 David>       found = FALSE;
 David>       for (vict = world[ch->in_room].people; vict && !found; vict = vict->next_in_room) {
 David>       }
 David>     } else {
 David>       if (number(0, 20) <= GET_CHA(vict)) {

 David> /* Cut end */

 David> In the hopes that it would do the check whether or not the mob
 David> is aggressive well it does except now when it checks it dumps
 David> core. and there are NO compiling errors HELP?

I'd say that 'vict' is missing in the 'else' part.


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