Re: Access for coders

Date: 07/18/95

>What sort of user/group structures and permissions are being used out 
>there?  I tried setting up a 'mud coding group' that myself and another 
>coder are members of, and chmoding everything so the group has rights to 
>it, but the autorun script still messes up everytime one of us runs it - 
>the other can not, because of rights problems.  Are people creating a 
>special user for working on the mud?  Or several users with the same UID 
>but different pw's?

I'm no UNIX stud or anything, but I've run into a similar problem at work 
and I might be able to guess at the solution.   There are 2 ways to 
interpret your message. 
1 - One of you runs autorun and then the other tries to run it at the
    same time, and you have permission problems. soln: don't do that. :)

2- One of you runs autorun then shutdown's (?) the mud, and the other tries
   to run it and has permission problems.
   soln: It is quite possible that even though you have chmod g+w on the 
   entire lib directory, when one person modifies a file (i.e., etc/players
   gets altered on runtime under the account of the person who ran autorun)
   then the permission on that file gets changed to read-only for the group
   and write for the owner (only). This happens at work, I would suggest 
   adding statements to the end of your autorun script to the effect of
   'chmod g+w etc/players' and all other files.. try looking at which files
   have lost group-write permission after someone has run autorun, I bet
   its only the ones that were written to while the mud ran (also rent files).

Hope this wasn't too verbose, heh.

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