Re: Access for coders

From: Alex (
Date: 07/18/95

> What sort of user/group structures and permissions are being used out 
> there?  I tried setting up a 'mud coding group' that myself and another 
> coder are members of, and chmoding everything so the group has rights to 
> it, but the autorun script still messes up everytime one of us runs it - 
> the other can not, because of rights problems.
I'm not sure why this fails, but everyone else I have heard from that has
tried this has found that it has failed as well. *shrug*  Are all your
library files/directories writable by the group?

> Are people creating a special user for working on the mud?  Or several
> users with the same UID but different pw's?
At VieMud, we use the same userid for everyone that has access to the
code and lib... and with unix (to the best of my knowledge), you can
only have one passwd per id, and also, the more passwds you have for
soemthing, the easier it is to break one. (=

--  Alex
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