Re: 'Ruining' player files

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: 07/18/95

> We're looking at changing the player stats and skills rather extensively, 
> and I've been looking at all the *DO*NOT*CHANGE* bits of code.  I 
> understand why changing the player data structures could cause problems, 
> but what I need is a clarification of what breaks when you do so.  If the 
> only problem is that our player files get nuked, that's one thing - but 
> if the whole shebang is affected, well, ich.  Also, if we wish to change 
> MAX_SKILLS, does that break everything?

The places in structs.h that say *DO*NOT*CHANGE* are definitions involved
with the char_file_u structure -- i.e., the one used to create playerfiles.
So, yes, if you change something that says *DO*NOT*CHANGE* while you have
a running MUD, your playerfile will get nuked, but that's all.  If you're
developing a MUD and don't have a playerfile, and don't care that you're
making your playerfile different from standard Circle format, then by all
means change everything to your heart's content.


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