changing the number of lvls

From: J.T. (
Date: 07/19/95

I tend to like alot of lvls in muds, and I have the circle3.0 beta
and am wanting to increase the number of lvls.  I've greped for 
experience, lvls, and alot of other things and have found only one
place to change it at, and that's the #defines (LVL_GRGOD, etc)
in structs.h  
This however promptly caused a crash when i whiped the pfile and tried
to log in.  From all the code I saw that used the #define's it looked
as if they where all used in comparison statements. So I thought these
#define's where what limited what lvl's you could achieve.  
I was wrong.  Could anyone explain to me whats happening so I can get
a clue on where i need to start poking?
I don't know the inner workings of what caps off the lvls.  I also
have been trying to find what sets how much exp you need per lvl, but
I haven't looked to hard there, being more caught up with the other.
So, lemme rub the lamp and hope for a guru :)



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