From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/19/95

I've been looking through the 3.0 code for a while now, and haven't been 
able to find something that provides me with the command line in text 
format.  I've found a structure that contains the head/tail pointer of a 
command line and a "get_from_q" routine that extracts the data at that 
pointer into a string.  So far, I've gathered that this:


will take the data on the user's command line ("d" is the descriptor data 
for the player's login data, I suspect now), "buf" is defined as a 
character array of MAX_INPUT_LENGTH, and "aliased" I haven't figured out 
yet, though it has to be defined as a variable to be acted upon.

My intent is that whenever the prompt is displayed, the user's input will 
be displayed so they can continue typing.  Within the make_prompt 
routine, I call the get_from_q routine above with a local buffer and [int 
aliased] as parameters and append it (strcat) to the end of the prompt 
after it adds the "> ".  However, the input isn't being appended.

Any ideas?

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