Robots/Dreadnaughts/Oh my!

From: Brett Helgeson (
Date: 07/19/95

	Working in a Target store has paid off! I picked up 8 of the Exo-squad
Robotech Battlemech "Driods" at the super low price of .63 cents each. 
You have to love the Clearance isle =). They look like slightly small 
Drednaughts or great robots. I have three varieties: (All with Battletech 
names for those who know what they look like:) Warhammer (twin 
lascannon!), Rifleman (4 heavy bolters anyone?!), and The mech that has 
the missile drums insted of arms (Twin missle launchers!) My squat army 
is now ready to kick some major but with these guys in tow..And they even 
look ok as the are painted...
	I can get more if anyone is interested...

Through the darkness comes the howl, the echo of the fellbeasts of
the Warp.  Alone I stand, knowing full well that death awaits me. 
My sole comfort shall be in knowing that I will not fall alone, and
without sacrifice of something I truly believe in. 
		Warlord Dain Ironson, during the fall of Elras Tror
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