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From: Patrick McNamara (
Date: 07/19/95

Well, after watching the list for a while and watching many unsucessful 
attempts to find a descent world editor for Circle, I have decided to try 
and remedy this problem.  Hopefully in a week or so, I will release 
version 0.0Beta of W_EDIT a text based world editor for Circle3.0.

Here are the basic capabilities of 0.0Beta:

DOS only,  sorry guys.  Unix versions may be availible later, if I can 
	get around some memory allocation problems.

Three display modes.  One mode shows a world map, one shows room 
descriptions alond with extra descriptions, the last is a walk-through 
mode that allows you to see the world as it would look at load time.

A draw mode.  This mode allows you to layout your world graphically.

Unfortunately there are some limitations to 0.0Beta they are:

Allows only a single zone to be loaded -- multi zones will come later.
Does not support ascii map to world file conversions -- yet.
May support Circle3.0 world file imports.
Requires a cell based world.  (World must be layed out on a grid, no 
Doesn't allow to set a mob to load in a room at load time -- this will 
definately come later.

Well, this is a basic overview of W_EDIT.  Give me your feed back.  The 
more intrest shown in this program, the harder I will work to make it a 
full fledged editor. (ie ascii-map imports, mob editor, zone editor, etc.)

Let me know what you think, also any ideas (within reason) will be 
considered.  I will also keep a list of those who reply and show intrest 
in this project.  When I release it, I will e-mail these people a copy.

Patrick McNamara


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