Re: SpecProc's for weapons.

From: Graham Gilmore (
Date: 07/19/95

On Wed, 19 Jul 1995, Mark Crichton wrote:

> 	Hello all.
> 	I'm currently tinkering with Circle 3bpl8 and was trying to add a
> special proc. for some items.  What I wanted the proc to do is during
> combat, the item would automagically cast an offensive spell at the 
> opponent.  Unfortunately, all I've gotten the proc to do is to cast the
> spell when I wield/unwield the weapon in question.  This has caused...well..
> some interesting side effects (namely when someone flees, and I unwield at the 
> right moment, they die in another room, and get no exp/gold).
> What I'd like to know is where I should start looking to fix this minor 
> annoyance and/or what I need to hack up to make this work.
> Mark Crichton
	I think someone mentioned having an affect bit on the weapon.  
With the affect bit, you should have a check in hit() that checks to see 
if the weapon being used has the correct bit and if so, cast the spell on 
the target.  Also, this way you can make sure that the spell is only cast 
when the target is actually hit.. :-)

	Graham Gilmore

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