Re: World Editor

From: Ron Poulton (
Date: 07/20/95

> Well, after watching the list for a while and watching many unsucessful 
> attempts to find a descent world editor for Circle, I have decided to try 
> and remedy this problem.  Hopefully in a week or so, I will release 
> version 0.0Beta of W_EDIT a text based world editor for Circle3.0.
> Well, this is a basic overview of W_EDIT.  Give me your feed back.  The 
> more intrest shown in this program, the harder I will work to make it a 
> full fledged editor. (ie ascii-map imports, mob editor, zone editor, etc.)
> Let me know what you think, also any ideas (within reason) will be 
> considered.  I will also keep a list of those who reply and show intrest 
> in this project.  When I release it, I will e-mail these people a copy.

I'm most interested in looking at this product.  I'm running MSDOS 
locally, so I'd love to test this.  The one reason I wish to run 
CircleMUD is for the presence of an editor.. perhaps when yours is ready 
for Unix it could be appended for the CircleMUD source.

Until then, let's see it! :>

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