Re: Oops, and an idea...

From: Mark Redshaw(midnight) (
Date: 07/20/95

On Thu, 20 Jul 1995, Brett Helgeson wrote:

> 	Sorry for the mix up earlier - I was reading so many circle 
> posts, I forgot to hit the right mailer =).
> 	I was toying with creating 'scabbards' for swords and daggers, 
> and here is what I was thinking:
> 	The object is a 'container'
> 	It has a relative light weight allowence 
> 	I can moderate what goes in there by throwing in a line
> 	of code about if obj_type = 3 (weapons, I haven't looked yet), than
>         printf "blah balh", else,
> 	etc...
> 	I don't think this would be to hard, in fact I found most of the 
> code in circle itself. I'll post the complete code as soon as I write it -
> however i don't have a compiler so if it works or not...Also I am using 
> 2.20 so if something is changed in 3.0 I wouldn't know about it (I 
> haven't looked yet at 3.0 code...)
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Lets see
welp thats a great idea
only how about makeing them light weight and anouther type of item to wear
say you can have a arm thing on and a scabard on the same arm too ect ect ect
thus doubling the equiptment one can wear
also instead of haveing to get the sword from the scabard why not have it 
just soo you weild it and it automatically comes out of the scabard
thus makeing it one action to weild the sword
I am not gunna code it
but if this inspires someone else let me have the code please
I am running bpl8 at the moment

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