Oops, and an idea...

From: Brett Helgeson (varagol@netcom.com)
Date: 07/20/95

	Sorry for the mix up earlier - I was reading so many circle 
posts, I forgot to hit the right mailer =).
	I was toying with creating 'scabbards' for swords and daggers, 
and here is what I was thinking:
	The object is a 'container'
	It has a relative light weight allowence 
	I can moderate what goes in there by throwing in a line
	of code about if obj_type = 3 (weapons, I haven't looked yet), than
        printf "blah balh", else,

	I don't think this would be to hard, in fact I found most of the 
code in circle itself. I'll post the complete code as soon as I write it -
however i don't have a compiler so if it works or not...Also I am using 
2.20 so if something is changed in 3.0 I wouldn't know about it (I 
haven't looked yet at 3.0 code...)

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